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Who We Are

We live in a world where everything around us has a story to tell. Our possessions are a part of our lives and have been through the things we have seen,experienced and felt. And yet, when seen they appear bland, silent, lifeless.

Imagine the stories they would have to share about the places travelled, the foods tasted, the sunsets visited and the poetries heard. Imagine if the things you use in your daily life actually spoke the most unique story out there: You!

Cyahi Design Co. designs a beautifully crafted story of adventure, travel, laughter and love around products that you will love to use. We believe that there is no better way to express beauty other than design. So we take care in meticulously creating by hand each work of art and print.

Our passion from design to execution has led us to go to maddening lengths to create products that are aesthetic and will speak of spectacular tales. Our team of designers, engineers and rockstars is hands-on in the process of making sure the production isn’t a factory run shift, but that of love and care, every step of the way.

And lastly, every story is incomplete without its protagonist: YOU. So when we deliver a Cyahi Product to you, we know it’ll be a part of your being; A testimony to the dreams and journeys that will be your life.

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