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About us

The Cyahi Story

-Bystander or doer-

Our founders left their jobs in Securitized Finance and Piezoelectric Smart Materials to start a business. Never expecting to work in product design, the company was started with paper products, with a simple objective – to deliver a retail experience that goes beyond traditional commerce. With that, they set out to create Cyahi, with the goal of building the next generation of e-commerce by simplifying global supply chain.

-The riskiest thing we can do is take no risks-

At Cyahi, constantly challenging the status quo is a part of our DNA. As a brand, we strive to keep delivering the products that our customers love. We are a diverse group, working together for a shared passion – constantly pushing the boundaries in design and engineering to deliver exceptional experiences to our customers.

-We have but one earth to live and dream on-

Sustainability is at the core of what we do and we try to work with all our partners to ensure that they maintain ethical workplaces. While it is an ongoing task, we strive to bring to you handmade products that are good for the earth and the people.

-The JOY in taking things slow-

Cyahi is a brand that is striving to bring to you the best of products and designs while bring aware of our environment. Our products are created to ensure minimum wastage and hence each item you order is made just for you. While this can lead to slightly longer wait times, we assure you that there is no compromise on quality and processed used to make the products.